The Walking Dead: “Kill them all.”

The midseason finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” takes a much needed breather with chaotic, but amazing, changes to the shows lineup. The ramifications of this midseason finale will drastically change the remaining episodes of the fourth season, but in what way?

Throughout the four seasons of the show, we have seen numerous characters come and go. Some of the deaths were celebrated, while others were loathed and lamented. We’ve seen good characters and bad characters lose their lives to both the zombie epidemic as well as at the hands of other survivors. The newest addition of the fourth season, “Kill them all,” was both heartbreaking and amazing with the catastrophic deaths that marked the midseason finale.

Without giving anything away, because spoilers of this magnitude would be a sin of epic proportions, it is safe to say that the depth of this show’s characters is astounding. Carl Grimes’ (Chandler Riggs) pivotal breakdown moments during the closing moments of the episode are, quite literally, heart breaking to witness. David Morrissey’s work as The Governor is too good at times, forcing the audiences to loathe him with such a fiery passion that we tend to lose sight of the amazing work Morrissey is doing with the character. Scott Wilson’s work as Hershel Greene is so close to perfection that it is astounding, marking Wilson as arguably the most prolific actor in the shows cast.

Since the show’s creation, there has been some backlash from avid fans of “The Walking Dead” comic book due to the differences between the comics timeline and the timeline of the show. Some characters have died sooner in the comic than they have in the show, while some haven’t died at all. The inclusion of new characters that were never a part of Robert Kirkman’s original work (Norman Reedus’ Daryl and Michael Rooker’s Merle for example,) has been a thorn in the proverbial side of hardcore fans. This weeks chapter in the ongoing fourth season will satisfy all fans, both casual and hardcore, as the episode follows the storyline from the comic almost completely. The climax of the episode captures one of the most pivotal moments in the comics running time perfectly, and is guaranteed to satisfy everyone and anyone who has been crying out for more connections to Kirkman’s award winning comic book.

The remaining episodes of the fourth season, which will not be airing until February, will be wrought with the consequences of “Kill Them All,” and the necessary changes that will be made by the survivors in Rick Grimes’ group will be very interesting to see. February can’t get here soon enough.