The Walking Dead: “Dead weight”

The return of one of the series’ most twisted characters heralds a return of the chaos of previous seasons.

It looks like the tranquility of farming and simply trying to survive in peace is about to come to an end. Two weeks ago, in the final moments of “Internment,” we saw a glimpse of a character many fans thought dead, or hoped dead that is. The “Governor,” played by a returning David Morrissey, is back and in rare form.

Morrissey’s depth and acting chops are the backbone of this episode, which is for the most part a predictable rest stop before more madness with the surviving crew in the prison.

While I was somewhat intrigued at the beginning of this slight detour from Rick and company, I was weary moving forward. The overall character of the “Governor” is not a stable one. With what happened between him and “Michonne,” played by Danai Gurira, in the ending of the third season, we all know just how solid the “Governor’s” mental foundations are.

Hardcore fans of the show remember the interesting things the “Governor” found entertaining, and everyone who watched the finale of the third season knows what happens when he doesn’t get what he wants.

So, while Morrissey has done an amazing job with his twisted character, surprised is not the correct word to sum up the return of Woodbury’s leader.

Predictable is a good word. Boring is a better one. Without giving anything away, because spoilers are one of the most annoying things when it comes to reading a review, if you sit back and really think about the character that Morrissey has returned to play, I’m sure you can figure it out.

Without painting a horrible bleak picture of the newest installment in the fourth season, to say it is a waste of time would be a disservice to the show as a whole. It is a worthy addition to a season that is shaping up to be very well done, but it is not the “end all be all” episode of the season.

The mid-season finale should be coming up quickly, and I’m sure there will be fireworks aplenty on the horizon as the “Governor” sets his sights on the prison and “Michonne” to settle unfinished business. All in all, a decent addition to the season with some good violence, but one sided character development with a dull supporting cast.