Sons Of Anarchy review #7: Tara Knowles is the Anti-Christ!

This week’s installment, titled “Sweet and Vaded”, is a chaotic roller coaster ride that will have series fans cheering and yelling at the television by the time the episode’s done.

The “Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original” (SAMCRO) is in rare form in this weeks addition to the sixth season. The opening of the episode has SAMCRO moving their clubhouse to a new location in the wake of episode five’s explosive final moments.

The new property that is going to be housing the club for the foreseeable future is owned by Mayor Jacob Hale, played by series regular Jeff Kober, and his interaction with the club gives us some insight into the character’s motives in past seasons. It was this minor element of Hale’s character that changed the tone of the episode and allowed for a deeper connection with the character than in previously in the shows history.

One of the more interesting story elements of the episode comes in the form of Venus Van Dam, played by a returning Walton Goggins, and her dysfunctional familial history. Despite being one of the driving story elements of the episode, it didn’t carry any serious weight in the story lines of the new season. Whether or not the actions of the club will carry serious ramifications into later episodes is a mystery, but I doubt we will see consequences from this story arc in later episodes.

The final moments of episode seven are the most jaw dropping, to say the least. Without going into details for the sake of those who haven’t watched the episode yet, we finally get to see the lengths Tara Knowles-Teller, played by Maggie Siff, will go in regards to protecting her children from the threat of Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, and the Sons of Anarchy. I can’t tell if Tara is acting out of love for her children or pure hatred towards Gemma, played by Katey Sagal, and the club as a whole. Is her dedication to this goal a decent into madness, or is it a sign of love? What role will Wendy Teller, played by Drea de Matteo, play in the final product of Tarra’s plan?

To say that I’m curious about next week’s episode is an understatement, but I find myself slightly worried that it will be more shocking than anything else.