Letters to the Editor: To the Editor & Skyline View Staff

I was shocked after reading your above subject article published on September 15, 2016 and the associated photo and cartoon caricature that accompanied the article! Your reference that our offering classes geared towards women because our gender is stupid, then your photo and cartoon in itself just insulted all women.

I do not recall anyone from your office coming into our department asking questions on these women gender based courses as you referred in your article; after all, we are in the same building, not far to go to get some true facts related to these courses.

Every article that was published in this paper, Volume XL-Issue 2, had a writer associated with the articles written, except for this very piece, why?

I was a regular reader of Skyline View, but no more because this very article, there have been occasional articles in the past, only showcases how bias and opinionated the Skyline View staff are.

Nancy Lam
Skyline College, BEPP Division, Automotive Technology