Letters to the Editor: Concerned about the coming elections

Dear Skyline View – I appreciate your very clear concern about the coming election(s). And, you’ve inspired me to add my two cents. Call it an open letter to fellow students………..

Take it from one who’s been a progressive social change activist for a verrrrrrrry loooooong time: Change happens rather slowly. But change does happen! And, most often the trend is upward.

The main thing is that those of us who care about making the world better, more fair, more just, more clean and peaceful, simply have to keep on keeping on. There is no contradiction between having ideals – wanting to do the right thing – and being practical. You can’t push the river, but you sure can build bridges over it.

In the presidential primary I voted for Bernie Sanders because I believe in democratic socialism. I even wrote an opinion piece about the issue in TSV. And when he lost, I pivoted immediately – and with pleasure – for Hillary. In fact, she is not the lesser of two evils. There is only one bleak, truly dangerous side in this presidential election. We might not agree with all of Clinton’s thinking or her policies but … She. Is. A. Thinker. And she is good, she does care about us 98 percenters. Hillary offers hope. I trust that she will do her very best for our country. For all the foo that gets spread around about her, ad nauseum, if she wins she’ll do a very good job as president. I trust that she will.

If you don’t agree with me, think about this: historically, the best progressive community organizing has been accomplished during Democratic administrations. That is always the first reason I’ve voted for Democratic Party candidates. Sometimes it’s been the only reason.

Please, please my fellow students – whatever you do, don’t give up. Yes, vote for all the California propositions and candidates and, vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

There’s so much more I could say, but I just have too much homework. If what I’ve written here gets only one fence-sitter to change their mind, and only one die-hard Trumpster to change their mind – and both decide to vote for Hillary – I will feel I’ve moved us in a positive direction. Because social and political change happens slowly.

Peace out,
Joy Marcus