Speed Bump


David C. Evans

Despite many scoring oppurtunities, the Trojans scored once. (David Evans)

After being shut out 3-0 by CCSF, and a 1-1 tie with Canada College, the once 5-0 girl’s soccer production has come to a sudden halt.

After their first conference win over Mission College, Skyline stood tall at a perfect 6-0, allowing only four goals in their first six games. In their second conference game against CCSF, they were shut out 3-0, but even with a perfect season out of reach, there were still high expectations to end Canada College’s perfect season.

In 2009, the Trojans swept Canada College two games to none in their North Coast division series, which was followed by a conference championship. In this game, Canada seemed to have the Skyline’s number, holding the Trojans to only one goal, despite returning ten players from 2009’s championship team.

The Trojans got off to a good start, as second year team captain Midori Sera scored quickly to get a 1-0 lead. Unfortunately, Canada’s continuous penalty flags still led to no points, as the Trojans struggled to convert on multiple shot attempts. Head coach Kevin Corsiglia commented on the Trojan’s struggle on offense.

“We’re struggling right now to put the ball in the net, it’s a mental thing, and teams have that. We have the right personnel for the system we run, we’re just not scoring,” said Corsiglia.

The Trojan defense was outstanding throughout the entire game, in the remaining five minutes; Canada took only two minutes to move the ball into Trojan territory, and after multiple deflections, Canada converted on a shot from the left corner. With the remaining time, the ball was ping ponged across mid field as the time expired, ending the game in a 1-1 tie.

Canada College remains without a loss, and comfortably sitting in first place in the Coast Conference North, as Skyline College has dropped to fifth place. With a lot needing to happen in order to regain the division title, Kevin Corsiglia and the Trojans have the right the right team to do it.