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One of Skyline’s best places to be on campus is the environmental science building, more commonly known as building 12.

This scenic building boasts many state of the art amenities, including two 119 seat lecture halls and a separate outdoor space for gathering.

With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, a laid back environment, and access to academic assistance from professors, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t the best place to be on campus.

Being able to see such gorgeous views of the water below at school
As you step foot into building 12, you’re met with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean. With seating conveniently set up throughout its open space, it makes studying or completing any tasks for that matter much more motivating.

Sitting in a closed classroom or at home may not be the most appealing thing ever in terms of getting work done for some people.

Being able to have access to a building with such gorgeous views and a more appealing environment makes it much more likely for students to look forward to getting their tasks done.

It can be hard at times to connect with your current friends or try to make connections with others in normal classroom settings. Building 12’s inviting and laid back environment give students the opportunity to seek and maintain these connections on campus.

Events regarding possible job opportunities and building a sense of community are regularly held here, which creates even more connections for our students.

A prime example of this was the Annual President’s Breakfast held here at building 12 on March 16th.

Hosted by Skyline College President Dr. Melissa Moreno and the Skyline College President’s council, it’s a fundraising event for the President’s Innovation fund that provides money for faculty and staff for programs that can improve our student body.

A film is premiered at every President’s Breakfast to showcase the impact of these funded programs by the President’s Innovation Fund.

The R.I.D.E Show and Shine was also held outside of building 12 on April 21st.

R.I.D.E (standing for Realize our true potential. Identify our goals. Develop a plan. Explore.) provides free workshops surrounding topics such as engineering and mathematics to anyone interested.

With food, music, vendors, and classic lowriders on display, this was a great opportunity to hang out with family and friends and build a sense of community here at Skyline.

In addition to this, laid back environment’s like building 12 create an outlet for students to relax with friends or to socialize with other students due to the tranquility of the space.

Students can utilize the indoor or outdoor spaces to sit back with the company of their friends or by themselves to decompress from stressful moments.

Going outside or just being able to see the nature around us can greatly boost students’ mood and overall mental health, especially in times of high stress such as finals.

Many specialists in the area of science and other subjects are always available to provide help to their students in Building 12. Professors such as Mays Danfoura teach environmental science here, and can always provide help if needed.

Even if you have questions that don’t pertain to the sciences, your questions can still be answered. Don Uy-Barreta teaches Macroeconomics this semester in Building 12, and can answer any questions regarding economics or anything related to it.

The environmental science building as a whole is a great place to be on Skyline’s campus. Some may argue that places like the cafeteria and quad are better due to them being more lenient towards noise, but I believe that nothing can beat the views and calming effect that Building 12 provides.