Artificial “Intelligence” is stealing from artists


Gragam Breitbarth

This was not made with AI

Content creators are being destroyed by new AI generation tools.

Recently, AI-generated content has been running rampant through the digital creator space. The question is, why? Artificial Intelligence is rapidly making more tools accessible in various fields.

There are plenty of people who would agree that AI is revolutionary technology that can help more than hurt people.

Artificial intelligence is only as smart as we can program it and only as talented as the examples it’s given. In order to improve further it must work with more than what the programmers are able to give it. AI is then fed stolen work, including art, music and even scripts that it collects from the internet.

How exactly is it stealing?

Artificial Intelligence has to learn from somewhere; take ChatGPT for example, an AI chatbot writing software that learns from those who input ideas into it.

AI art functions similarly. It searches the internet for keywords relating to what the user requested. Those keywords lead the program to compile other artists’ work, which the software then uses to compose a new piece made from thousands of original works.

Apps like Lensa and MidJourney are two of the top AI art apps out there. They’re able to generate images based on the work of other artists for just a few dollars and sometimes even for free. It pulls from the work from hundreds to generate something new.

Artist Lauryn Ipsum reported seeing the signature of another artist in an AI-generated portrait. She referred to it as “…the mangled remain’s of an artist’s signature…” Another tool is AI music generators. While not nearly as harmful as AI art they are able to provide new music, with some even having the capability to replicate vocals like the program Jukebox. It’s a further step in just how much AI is advancing and outpacing human creation. Stolen work may not be serious enough for some. AI generation tools also threaten creators’ careers.

AI is able to replicate work done by artists, writers, and music producers for minimal cost. It could destroy countless of these creators’ jobs. It’s becoming a very concerning problem for those who rely on creative jobs for their livelihoods. Artificial intelligence has it’s positives and negatives.

In the ever evolving digital world there will always be new programs coming around. It’s up to those who use them to be responsible with them.