Hookup Culture Is Destroying Romance


Sean Siapno

Dating apps are the leading cause of promoting the dominating hookup culture.

The dating scene has taken a turn for the worse with the current Generation. Today, it seems that people have to go through so many different phases in order to simply earn the title of someone’s partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend. The concept of a significant other might be dead. What happened?

Hookup culture. 

Securing a stable relationship has become an afterthought to exploring and keeping your options open. The fear of commitment has led people to reside in gray areas like: situationships, friends with benefits, or mutual exclusivity. No matter how strong the connection or time spent with one another, people simply do not want to label their relationship. 

However, the prominence of physical intimacy has remained a clear objective of modern dating. In fact, it’s heavily desired, shifting the narrative of romance. Everything is more surface level and we seem to be okay with it. A possible love interest is now determined by someone’s physical appearance rather than their personality. After all, this is the era of Tinder and Bumble.

Dating apps are the centerfold of hookup culture. Even if their purpose is to help people connect, it primarily revolves around the superficial aspects. Apps such as Tinder or Bumble fuel the current trend, inserting the idea into young people that casual hookups are the social norm while simultaneously making them overly accessible. 

The media exacerbates the issue as these kinds of engagements seem to be encouraged. By watching our favorite characters perform steamy scenes, the drive for a similar experience is continuously sought for. 

Dating should not only be defined by physical intimacy. People tend to overlook and miss out on the “butterflies” that come from a slow and well developed relationship. It’s an amazing feeling seeing the person you like take you on a picnic or going on walks at the beach together. Sadly, people won’t experience any of this if hookup culture continues to dominate the dating scene. 

While love never really has a clear path for anyone, the issues that we claim to deal with today are outrageous. 

Is it really that hard to call someone your girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner if you truly like them? 

Is it too much of a hassle to get to know someone before taking it to the next level? 

If you’re not ready to be committed, the answer is simple. Come back when you are. Labeling a relationship does not equal an immediate hand in marriage. So, in the proclaimed “month of love,” where is the love? Romance is fleeting and it’s disappointing to see our society reduce the richness of love to the mediocrity of hookup culture.