We do not want to over stay our welcome at The Good Place


On June 7, 2019 Michael Schur announced that upcoming fourth season of his highly praised show the Good Place was going to be its last. And in today’s world it is unheard of successful show ending on it own terms but in fact this decision should be respected.

When a person thinks of long lasting comedies they think of The Office, Friends and The Simpson’s shows that have went on to have a combined 1,104 episodes. In world where we the consumer wants more and more we should appreciate when we have less and less.

Show’s that go on and on tend to be overrated and loose it’s value. The Good Place proves that when show is great lets end it before it goes on for too long.

In the fall of 2016 The Good Place premiered on NBC, the show centered around four recently deceased humans living in a heaven like Utopia. A brand new viewer can see promotions for this program and wonder how can you make a show about having a perfect life in heaven? How can stretch concept so much when you’re living in the perfect afterlife. Once you have the first episode on the viewer will understand this not a show about having a perfect life, it was more than that.

Every episode ends with a cliffhanger that leave a viewer in shock and wanting more. We live in a world where shows get every episode dumped at once it’s a great feeling to have a show that begs a viewer wanting more. Every season has ended with huge plot twist that makes every season unique in their own way. The viewer believes the show is only about the after life but as they continue to watch they find out the show is about how a human’s are not perfect.

What also makes this finale so unique is the amount of episodes. Every season has consisted of 13 episodes instead of the average of 22 for network television. This makes every episode actually matter with no fillers in between taking the viewer away from the actual story.

Today a regular television viewer wants more with everything they watch. More episodes, more seasons and spin offs. Take a look at a program like Game of Thrones, which in reality should have only been five seasons to go with the five books that were released before the show was created. But the show went on to have eight seasons and after it came to an end it was announced that the series would go on to have two more spin offs. When a series goes on to have over one hundred episodes these shows seem to lose their values. Comedies like The Office went on to have nine seasons and the episodes talked about the most was when the character Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell was in the series.

Once he left the series The Office did not feel the same. That is an example of one show being stretched due to its popularity. The Good Place is based off the idea of the after life there’s so much a group of writers can write about a show about heaven until the comedy loses its value and viewers begin to not care.

The entire plot of How I Met Your Mother is in the title the entire series revolved around one character telling the story on how he met his future wife. But, once the viewer goes on that 208 episode journey on how Ted Mosby met his wife does the audience actually care once the series finale comes. What Michael Schur decision on ending this beloved comedy after four seasons should be respected.

“This show is a rare, creatively fulfilling, joy,” Schur, on why four season was the right decisions in goodbye letter on Twitter.

“at the end of the day, we don’t want to tread water just because the water is so warm and pleasant,” Schur

Schur and his writers wants this series finale to feel special and not have viewers overstay their welcome to the Good Place. The Good Place makes their viewers treasure every episode that have been really crafted and not squeezed out of its existence.

There are currently three more episodes ready to air on NBC until the series goes on winter break and for those who don’t know the crazy after life world Michael Schur created viewers can enjoy the first three seasons on Netflix right now to find out why we enjoy the small amount we have.