Don’t Take Things for Granted

As homesickness hits hard, I can only think about all those things we are used taking for granted. When we have someone in our life, and they have always been there, it sometimes may feel like a routine that we do not make anything special out of it. It also happens with things or places. We may only realize how something is important when we no longer have it.

There is a song, called “Epitáfio,” from the Brazilian band Titãs, that talks about how we should’ve loved more, cried more, seen the sunrise, taken more risks, make more mistakes, and done whatever you wanted to do.

Being away from home makes me realize a lot of things. There are a lot of international students that left their country and may relate — even students who left their state or city to study here may relate. Leaving family and friends behind in order to chase a dream can be tough, but it for sure makes you grow a lot.

It may take you leaving home for you to finally realize how you used to take many things for granted. But, hopefully, it is not too late. The feeling of knowing that you can go back home and meet the same people, as well as spend time with your family and taste your favorite food is something else.

That is the most important thing: trying to enjoy the most while you are living whichever experience you are living.

Once you move away, you may miss your home and realize all the little things that now make a huge difference for you. It is good to know you can go back home, but it is also important to live in the moment and enjoy your new experience.

Sometimes, when we may even want to go back, we may not want to leave our comfort zone, but we should go out there and challenge ourselves.

According to Dr. John H. Sklare, from Everyday Health, the top five things people take for granted are food and water, your health, time, your significant other, and friends and family.

There are many things that are so important, but we only realize how much they meant once they are gone.

You have to enjoy today because you will not get to live today again. You may try the same thing tomorrow, but it will not be the same day. Being aware that everything is temporary can be the key.