A cozy ending awaits denim jeans

Sweats are no longer just for sleeping

The long reign of jeans as the first choice in legwear for both men and women is ready for a cozy ending: sweatpants.

Sweatpants are the ideal piece of legwear. Their comfort and versatility are unmatched in our ever-accelerating pace of society and having clothing that can handle a multitude of environments is an essential part of everyday life.

The comfort and practicality of sweatpants are undeniable and as fashion progresses, many trends phase in and out; however, to look good while feeling comfortable plays a role in productivity. Professional workplaces generally implement dress codes that prohibit employees from wearing clothes that are too casual.

The fashion industry has pushed the boundaries of acceptable workplace attire in the past by blurring the line between a casual and professional pair of pants. The move towards allowing more casual pants in the work place began with denim jeans, and companies should begin accepting fashionable sweats.

According to Fashionating World, the global denim market could hit 79.2 billion by 2022. The rapid expansion of the jean industry is a result of a wider acceptance of business casual attire in the professional world. Sweatpants are not widely accepted as professional clothing. However, more designers are putting out chic and stylish sweats that could be passed off as a trouser.

According to a study conducted in 2016 by statisticsbrain.com, 60 percent of Americans wore jeans to work four out of five days in the week. Denim’s takeover of business casual pants made improvements for the culture of acceptable workplace leg wear and, in many cases, jeans are far more comfortable than the pants that were previously accepted.

While jeans are more comfortable than a skirt or slacks, they are much rougher than soft and warm sweatpants. Wearing what makes you feel most comfortable is an essential part of being productive at both work and school.

College students have adopted sweatpants wholeheartedly. Skyline’s general climate of year around wind and fog makes it ideal for sweatpants any day of the week. There is a large number of students who wear sweats; our professors and administrators should be allowed the same level of comfort.

Sweatpants bridge the fashion gap between the old and young because similar to jeans as all ages can wear them.

Denim jeans rich history transformed its status of a mining workman’s pair of pants in the 1850’s all the way to a fashion statement in 2018. The bold qualities of jeans have maintained their popularity, but their adaptability has allowed them to stay relevant through time.

Sweatpants are on the same trailblazing path of acceptance that denim jeans created. Traditionally known as the biggest signifier of couch potato status and overall failure in life, sweats have come a long way in their pursuit of pant supremacy.

Baggy gray sweatpants that you wear around the house are not the sweats that will lead to the dethroning of jeans. Suffocating your legs in heavy rough denim will become thing of the past. Slim fitting high-quality sweats that bring out the positive qualities of your legs will drive another pants revolution.

More celebrities are seen each season wearing more athleisure gear and sweatpants and people have followed suit and decided to leave their stiff denim in the closet. GQ’s sweatpants section on their website highlights the versatility of the comfortable legwear and displays the full range of available styles.

I thoroughly enjoy sweatpants due to their comfort, versatility, and price. I encourage you to leave the denim at home and put on some nice sweats.