Girl Scout turned entrepreneur

The tastiest time of year is upon us, and people are making impulsive decisions and stacking up on boxes.

Girl Scout Cookies season is not all about the delicious treats. The cookie sales provide valuable lessons such as money management, goal setting, and public speaking. These skills can have big impacts on the futures of the young scouts. With gender and wage equality very prevalent today, it is important to highlight organizations focusing on women empowerment.

According to the girl scouts official website, “ …more than half (57 percent) of Girl Scout alumnae in business fields credit the Girl Scout Cookie Program with developing skills they use today”

Some oppose the idea of girls being exposed to this sort of competition at a young age, claiming it is unhealthy due to some girls having an unfair advantage. However, there is competition in the real world, and people will have unfair advantages. If girls are being sheltered they might not be able to cope with challenges thrown at them as they get older.

The Girl Scouts is raising their scouts to believe in the power of a G.I.R.L (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader), in which they are instilling competent skills for their future as young entrepreneurs.

According to Statistics Brain in 2017, a 15-year-old scout sold 17,328 which is the record number of boxes sold by a single girl.

The boxes being purchased go beyond flavorful treats, because of the business lessons the Girl Scout Cookie Program is teaching young girls.