The View from Here: War against journalism

Journalism is under attack by Donald Trump’s presidency, he is waging war against the media and has called several news outlets “fake news.”

It doesn’t help that the media has perpetuated the problem. Essentially, President Trump has kindled a raging fire and the media has been fanning the flames making it uncontrollable.

Although many journalists are fighting to find the truth for the American people, they are constantly berated and discredited, not only by the Trump Administration, but also by other media outlets like Fox News and Breitbart.

On Feb. 17, President Trump tweeted:







His unfounded tweet garnered more than 161,000 likes and 50,000 retweets. He is rallying people to go against the press, which is eerily similar to what Adolf Hitler once did. President Trump is far from the monster that Hitler was, but it’s scary to see, almost mirrored, similarities in their strategies of building mistrust between the people and the press.

The Washington Post did an article on how Hitler’s regime once used the phrase “Lügenpresse,” lying press, against Jews, journalists, and anyone else who criticized his regime. Now doesn’t that sound familiar? Lying press. Again, the phrase “fake news” seems to completely mirror the phrase “lying press.”

It’s truly scary that our president is making the media look like the enemy of the people. He says it’s only the “fake news” outlets that are the enemy and not all news. Well the outlets he’s called “fake news” are the ones that have looked into the presidency with critical eyes to let the people know what he is doing as a president.

News outlets like Fox News and Breitbart have been praised by President Trump, which isn’t hard to see why when most of their reporting and stories are in President Trump’s favor. When journalists and reporters from Fox News like Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace point their critical eye at the Trump administration, they are quickly and harshly criticized by their audience.

The media, especially the ones holding the Trump administration accountable, can’t lose the fight. We need them to continue to have a critical eye on this presidency, and to keep us informed every step of the way. If we don’t, who knows where President Trump can lead us to.