Loose Change with Mark David Magat: My Parting Glass


Spring 2017. It was my first semester at Skyline. As I’m catching up with a friend, the topic of my photos came up. I ask if there is a yearbook or newspaper I could help with. My friend directs me to Building 8’s newsroom. I stand outside the newsroom for a solid 10 minutes, feeling my feet wanting to walk away. I count to 5, take a deep breath and walk in.

I’ve been on The Skyline View staff for about two and a half years, and unfortunately this will be my last semester on staff. Before I go, I wanted to give out a thank you to all the staff that have crossed my path, and in the long run, made me a better writer, photographer and person in general.

The first thank you goes to my mentors, Nancy Kaplan-Biegel, the journalism department adviser, and Kevin Perez, former staff member and amazing artist, and Will Nacouzi, basically the Skyline journalism bible holder. These three taught me everything I know about journalism and have helped me grow in learning all the skills I need.

Next, I wanted to thank old staffers. I can’t name you all, but every single one has touched my heart and taught me something valuable in and outside of the newsroom. Also thanks to Diego Perez for showing me that dope burger place.

Now the current staffers— first off the editors: Kylea Pearson, Kendrick Rojas, Daniel Archuleta, and Maria Isabel Del Castillo Schmidhuber. All of you have worked so hard this past semester and I honestly cannot think of a better staff to end my journey at The Skyline View.

Kylea has been on top of her stuff to the point where she has more stories than she needs sometimes. Kendrick is so creative and such a great person to talk to that he makes my day by just going on a small smoke break. Daniel is just a pleasure to work with; he brings a lot of energy to the newsroom while being on top of his work and getting stuff done. Maria and I have been in each other’s lives since middle school and it’s always a pleasure seeing her pushing herself to the next level and learning all she can along the way.

Alongside the editors, the writers this semester have been great, they’re persistent and want to write and learn, to the point where they’re just jumping into stories. It’s truly awe inspiring to see such a young staff grow so fast.

Now lastly, my Co-Editor-In-Chief, Olivia Bowman. She already knows how much she means to me. It’s like we’ve been through hell and back and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have gone through it with. She’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met and has such an amazing outlook on life that I cannot fathom how much of an impact she’ll make once she’s out there. I will really miss her when she transfers this fall and even though the thought terrifies me, I’m so happy she’s going to be out there making other people so happy. Thank you so much Olivia!

I was so reluctant to join the staff my first semester at Skyline. Standing outside the newsroom on the first day of class was the most terrified I’ve been in a while. Yet as I walked in, I just felt at home. Thank you to all who has been apart of my life through this little community college newsroom. I expect great things from the future staff, you guys have some mighty big shoes to fill, but I have no doubt you’ll meet the challenge.