The million dollar coffee question

Everyone living in the Bay Area has an answer to the question, “Starbucks or Peet’s?” You can probably find one of each on the nearest block downtown. While it can be a tough decision for some, it is a no-brainer for me. If it’s a tough decision for you and you choose Peet’s, it’s okay; you can choose Starbucks, the obviously better choice, next time.

Starbucks does not have as strong a flavor as Peet’s does, making their drinks a more enjoyable choice and a place the not-so-avid coffee drinker can frequent. Starbucks also gives us the luxury of countless choices, so if you decide you want a stronger flavor that can kindly be arranged by a friendly barista.

Starbucks has so many original choices that no one else comes close to. The famous Frappuccino or pumpkin spice latte make a perfect cure for the Mondays.

And those holiday cups. Everyone knows the release of the pumpkin spice means fall is here and the holiday cups means the holidays are right around the corner. Those cups bring some cheer themselves without needing anything in them and make for the perfect Instagram picture.

Starbucks is an overall reward and it is an added bonus that they will keep on giving. Surely everyone can agree that a personalized gold Starbucks card, a free birthday drink, and free refills are better than the 5% bonus Peet’s will give you when you load your gift card with $25. Starbucks offers better perks, and perks are fun, making it again an obvious choice over Peet’s; because who doesn’t want to enjoy a fun cup of free coffee on their birthday?

Starbucks is keeping the fun going. It’s an exciting thing to watch Starbucks grow up with us and just as many of us are entering that age where we can go get a casual beer with friends; Starbucks is introducing “Starbucks Evenings” where their menu will include fun wine, beer, and gourmet small plates. It really is a young adult’s dream come true.

With its beloved originals, chic new menu, and rewards to top it all off, how can one not love Starbucks? It’s the perfect coffee spot and definitely beats out Peet’s for all of those reasons and more. So start earning those stars, order yourself a Frappuccino, get on their free Wi-Fi, and start that homework you’re procrastinating on.