Trump for dictator

What will become of the United States if Donald Trump is President? Change for the worse. The United States will slowly start to notice the corruption and evil within Trump. What will he provide for our future? Empty promises and the lies he will hide. Trump is a power hungry dictator who has flawless hair. Do we really want that kind of leader?

Even though Trump is a well-known real estate developer and business leader, he caused four bankruptcies. Let’s trust Trump with all the money in the United States. We can’t forget he was part of a reality TV show. How will he be able to run an entire country when he doesn’t have the experience to run his own companies?

Let’s not forget that Trump hates immigrants. Trump wants every immigrant out of the United States. With Trump as president, the United States would be under an Exodus. Instead of Moses leading the slaves out of Egypt, Trump will be leading the immigrants back to their homelands. Do we want a president who will cause drama with countries and people that we’ve had good relationships with?

“You can’t understand the magnitude of how racist Trump is,” said Jorge Ramos, an anchor from Univision. “You can’t deport 11 million people, you can’t build a 19 hundred-mile wall, and you can’t deny citizenship for children living in this country.”

Ramos, the best-known Spanish-news anchor in the United States, was escorted away by Trump’s security, just because Trump had the power to do that. What if Trump was president and he didn’t like a race’s ideas for change? Instead of listening, would he kick them out of the United States?

The ideas that Ramos brings up are terrifying for immigrants within the United States. Having 11 million people deported, denying citizenship for children living in this country, and building a 19 hundred-mile wall will give the idea to immigrants that coming to the United States will now become impossible. It’s already a long process to come to the United States, and Trump wants to make it so that immigrants will never have a chance to start a new life in the United States. Once Trump is “dictator” will he just deport every immigrant since he now has the power?

Does that mean once Trump is president the immigrant people who work at the White House will be kicked out? The way that Trump is behaving now towards immigrants and Ramos is similar to a dictator. Taking away Ramos’ freedom of speech is against the First Amendment. Will we see that in the Briefing Room of the White House in two years? Once Trump becomes president there will be limitations for what citizens can do, and he will strip the people of the United States of their freedom. Trump kicking out Ramos is a big step towards dictatorship. The United States will see its first dictator in history if people don’t change now. Stop taking Trump so seriously.