A new approach to taxidermy

At first, you may think, “What the hell is that?” Afterwards can be a confusing mix of, “Wait that’s a deer head”, followed by, “Oh it’s actually cute.” The interesting white figure head with gold antlers hanging in the mix of artwork in someone’s home is quickly becoming a major trend in the world of home décor, and this statement piece fits in perfectly with the modern trendsetter.

These clean colors are perfect for the person with a clean sense of style. However, this statement piece can also find a home with someone who likes other looks. Let’s take vintage. These pieces can be reminiscent of old taxidermy styles but are now given a revival with a fresh look; placed with more typical vintage style pieces this item can fit right in.

Want the look but don’t want PETA sending you hate mail? Not to worry, these pieces are not the heads of real animals. They are made of a synthetic resin material and then painted so you can enjoy your decorations without having to break any morals you may have toward animal cruelty.

What is the cost of keeping up with this trend? Only about $100 on most sites where one can be found, such as the popular Etsy. $100 may seem like a steep price for a home decoration that may just be a fad. However, this piece can be versatile and used during every season because of its simple colors.

Gold goes great with the holiday season. Hang some mistletoe from the antlers during your holiday party and your guests will be sure to get a cute picture for Instagram featuring your trendy wall art.

In the spring, white and gold go great with light and pastel colors. Gold can also serve as a reminder that summer is soon coming to get rid of your “April Shower” blues, and the clean lines won’t make you feel like you have too much clutter on your walls when you’re spring cleaning.

In the summer gold is perfect; mirroring the sun’s golden color and warmth, those antlers will bring some summer sunshine straight into your home.
Finally for fall, gold is perfect alongside the warm color pallet of oranges, reds, browns, and yellows; move your new trendy décor piece into the dining room to enjoy while around the table with friends and family.

Is it a bit strange? Maybe. But take a chance, be bold in home décor this year and make a statement. Go out and treat yourself to your own faux taxidermy deer head for your cozy abode, it’s sure to turn the heads of every guest you bring through