Water is a human right

Every California resident knows there is a drought. You can’t drive down the highway without seeing notices about the conservation of water, and we’ve all seen the photos of reservoirs and lakes throughout central and southern California sinking lower day to day.

The severity of the drought has even forced Gov. Jerry Brown to call for a mandatory water restrictions. So, with all that being said, it is easy to see why the majority of America is displeased with the actions of Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathein regards to the privatization of water rights in our state.
For those who are not in the know, Nestle bottles millions of gallons of local waters, and Brabeck-Lethmathein is going one step further by pushing for the privatization of water and giving it a market value.

Thankfully the majority of the country is in support of California rather than Nestle. In an article published to forbes.com 74 percent of the country think that water is a human right, and 65 percent think that Nestle should stop using our water for bottling and sale.

It is comforting to know that the majority of the country knows about our drought, and that they are in agreement that Nestle is hurting us by continuing to use our water for bottling. The simple fact that a corporation as large as Nestle would push for the privatization of a natural resource is ludicrous, and chances are relatively high that there will be consequences for such a decision on Nestle’s part.