There is no substitute for hard work

Chances are relatively high that we have all seen or heard about someone who thought it would be a good idea to get implants of some sort. We’re not talking about just breast implants, but muscular implants as well.

The principle behind this decision is similar to the aforementioned implant: People are displeased with how they look and decide to alter their appearance. There’s nothing wrong with that, obviously, and it is their decision to do what they will with their bodies. The issue arises when we take a closer look at the implants these people are getting.

Pectoral implants. Calf implants. Bicep or tricep implants. And butt implants. These implants are designed to simulate muscle growth so that men and women can walk around showing growth and gains without doing the work required to gain such muscle growth without the work that everyone else puts in.

Getting in shape is difficult, no one is denying that, and increasing one’s overall muscular tone and strength is a painful and slow process, but that’s the point. The men and women who decide that they want to get in better shape, either by toning down or bulking up, are making the conscious decision to dedicate a large portion of their time to the rigorous tasks associated with such a transformation. Calorie counting, meal prep, abstaining from temptations such as alcohol and processed foods, and spending hours in the gym day in and day out. This is what it takes and this is what is expected.

So it is easy to see how ludicrous, and infuriating, it can be to see people walking into plastic surgeon’s offices in order to get implants that simulate muscle growth. Are these people truly that lazy that they’re not willing to alter their day to day lives in order to look how they want to look? Is it cheaper to get silicone implants rather than going to the gym?

This current trend is not new, and sadly it is growing in popularity. Women are opting for butt implants, a dangerous and expensive procedure, when they could simply get a gym membership and start doing squats. Men are signing on for abdominal implants in the hopes of getting a six pack rather than changing their diets and dedicating themselves to the traditional process. All in all, these procedures are a lazy excuse and a waste of time. Rather than looking for the easy way out, go to the gym like everyone else and earn it. You’ll feel better about yourself in the long run.