Amazon Angle: What to do if your partner has a thing for feet?

Most people assume the only things you need to have in order to have good heterosexual sex are the obvious: a penis and a vagina, mainly because these are the most important parts and where the majority of the pleasure comes from.

Fortunately, there can be more to it than that. Many people like to use things such as toys, costumes and even feet. Yes, I said it, feet.

Now you’re probably wondering, how do your feet play a part in all of this? Believe it or not, people can be turned on by your feet. The way your feet look can actually be the reason whether or not someone chooses to have sex with you, because they might love feet and want someone who has clean or attractive feet to play with.

Unfortunately, there is always a good and bad for all things, so for those who like feet, there are those who will not consider using feet for a sexual act. That is the side where I am categorized. Though it makes you wonder: What if you had a partner who really wanted to suck your toe, or lick the bottom or top of your foot? Would you let them do it?

If you are still wondering what you can do with your feet to pleasure your partner, the possibilities are wide and varied. Some of them are not for the faint of heart, while others are much more approachable and acceptable for a wider audience. Some men prefer kissing, caressing or licking their women’s feet during the act of sex. Others might enjoy having their partner step on them or stand on them prior to sex. Ladies, if your man has a foot fetish and you’re curious about how to satisfy this desire, you can stimulate his penis with your feet. Think of it as a hand job but using your toes rather than your fingers.

It might sound a little weird to you, but it can actually become really playful. Try adding some lube to your feet and that is when the fun really starts to happen between you and your partner.

If you are willing to try this with your partner, don’t make it awkward. Like I’ve said in previous articles, sex is something you and your partner only get to do together, so if you end up not liking it, then so what, at least you tried it.

Always experiment with each other. Who knows what you might find out.


Disclaimer: The Amazon Angle is written by two female staff members, on an alternating basis, who wish to remain anonymous in their writing.