Common is the new mainstream

Mainstream music has been dominating local radio stations for quite some time now.

When I turn on the radio, I feel like all I hear is the same mainstream pop music play over and over again. I could be listening to a song one minute, and an hour or so later the same song will be played again. I cannot stress how annoying I think it is for one station to continuously play the same songs several times a day.

I love the radio, but I think particular radio stations need to expand their genres of music. My two favorite radio stations always play the same pop culture and electric dance music constantly, and sometimes I just cannot stand to listen to it anymore. I’m not saying I do not like that type of music, but honestly, there should be a limit to how many times a station plays a song. I do not want to be one of those people who get songs stuck in their head from listening to the same song over and over again.

This current generation’s pop culture music has been played on the radio constantly. Artists from Maroon 5 to Katy Perry have great songs that become popular very quickly. However, there are other artists out there that have good music that should be recognized as well. There are more genres of music that should be played on the radio because it offers listeners a different taste than the usual mainstream music.
Accepted music gets recognized instantly from being overplayed. It becomes the new “ordinary” music rather than being unique. In this day and age, radio stations need to play more diverse music than what’s in-demand. This does not seem fair to other artists in the music industry who are less recognized because the people who listen to the radio or are familiar with more “popular” artists will not know about the music of other artists.

For example, recently at this year’s 57th Grammy Awards, an artist by the name of Beck won the award for “Album of the Year,” beating out Beyoncé. I’m pretty sure many people who watched the Grammys were wondering who Beck was and were questioning why Beyoncé did not win the award for her album. I have to say that I did not even know who Beck was, and it was interesting to see an artist win who is not considered mainstream.

I think pop music is great. However, it seems to be the most recognized genre of music, and I find that a problem because there are other good genres of music that do not get recognized. It would be nice to hear the radio stations that play mainstream music switch it up sometimes, and give recognition to other artists that are just as talented as today’s mainstream artists.