Are you a lumbersexual?

In a series or articles, on sites such as and, it has been declared that the metrosexual man, along with his manicures and designer stubble, is dead. The prototypical man is now referred to as the lumbersexual. Gone are the overpriced T-shirts and designer shoes. They have been replaced with flannel button ups and mountain boots. Clean shaving is in the past and its all about beards now, the longer the better. Now, here’s the question: Does any of this even matter?

The title of lumbersexual is a stifling one, limiting those men who happen to have facial hair or a love of rustic clothing to a small sub-grouping in our addle-minded society. Referring to a man, or a group of men, as metrosexual had the same outcome over the years. All it managed to do was make a man a target for the jokes and jibes of other men. If a man spent over $50 on a haircut he was deemed metrosexual;therefore, he was a pop culture zombie who was obviously a shallow, conceited fool only concerned with his appearance. The positive to being referred to as a metrosexual was that some women would pay more attention to you, those ladies who felt the need to carry small dogs in their purses and so on and so forth.

Now we see men allowing their beards to grow, without feeling the need to trim them or shape them, and getting hair cuts that were once deemed classic and stylish. Because of San Francisco’s propensity for labeling people, both men and women, often times these men are referred to as hipsters. But now, they will be known as lumbersexuals by the small amount of people that read into such idiotic ideologies that are found on gossip and style pages.

The question that needs to be asked is a simple one: Why do people in San Francisco need to be labeled at all? Are those who are in the know, the men and women with their proverbial fingers on the pulse of society, afraid that the ignorant low bred working class are going to get lost in some monumental shuffling of the masses? Will there be a giant restructuring of things where we are all separated into the idiotic sub-categories that pop culture deems fit to file us under?

In the year 2014, only weeks away from a new year, you’d think that we would be able to wrap our minds around one simple concept: It doesn’t matter what a person, male or female, looks like on the outside, but its what’s on the inside that counts. If a man walking down the street has a beard down to his waistline it doesn’t matter, but what does matter is how he treats living things around him as he goes on with his day.