Give your children freedom

Parents can be really strict sometimes, and it’s understandable because they want to protect their children and discipline them properly. Some parents just take it a bit too far, though.

A lot of people in the 18-25 age demographic live with their parents still, me being one of them. I actually have a lot of freedom, though, so I essentially don’t even feel like I live with my parents anymore, like they’re my landlords, really. Then there are parents who give their children little to no freedom. It makes it so much harder to socialize with them.

People who are already 21 tend to still have a curfew, which is really funny since their essentially responsible for their own selves at that point because they can legally do whatever they want. Then again, if they live with their parents, that’s a completely different story.

It’s really weird how people who are of the same age, but live on their own or on campus in a dorm, have so much freedom. But then, for some of those who live with their parents, it’s like they are 13 all over again.

I really don’t understand these kinds of parents, how are their kids supposed to learn about responsibilities as an adult if they don’t let them have the “hands-on” experience in order to mature into something they wouldn’t need to watch over anymore. From how I see it, it’s a hassle for a lot of parents to watch over their kids, especially when they’re in their teens. Many parents tend to have this bittersweet feeling when their kids finally grow up and move out too. They don’t need to watch over their kids anymore, but then their kids won’t be around anymore either.
Then there’s that one daughter who’s dad doesn’t let her do anything. It’s like she’s this “princess” that’s trapped in a tower and their dad is waiting for the right “prince charming” to find her.

Case in point: I’m here trying to get to know this girl, maybe hang out, all the innocent little intentions that I have, but she doesn’t have any sort of freedom to even hang out with her friends often. It’s really weird too because it’s pretty much a double standard in their household. She has a twin brother who can essentially go wherever he wants; he doesn’t have as many restrictions as his sister. I really don’t understand the logic here, it’s almost sexist, in a way. Her own dad won’t trust her going out with friends when her brother can essentially hang out with his buddies if so he pleases. I definitely won’t be that kind of dad.