Trojan (Wo)men: Wanting sex all the time

Do you want sex all the time? Do you crave it like a drug? Only for a certain special person maybe? Or maybe no one in particular? One person always seems to want sex more than their partner.

Unfortunately, sex drives do not have an “on” or an “off” switch that can easily be triggered. There are times when you see the person you are dating and just think “Damn, I want that!” Maybe because you are attracted to this person on a higher level than just being physical and that, sometimes, is a hard thing to control.

Maybe some people are just hornier than others, but how do you handle it when the other person just does not match your level of “hornyness?” It seems like an evil force working in the other person’s mind.

There are so many things that happen to us human beings on a regular basis that make us desire that sexy sex, and then there are other things that happen during our daily lives that maybe turn us off from naked time. Stress at work is a big contributor. Lack of sleep amounts to low energy levels, and makes it hard to get excited for such an energy draining activity like sex. It is understandable; when your partner has had a long day and they cannot meet your sexual needs. But masturbating just does not satisfy the cravings and action that happens in bed.

There comes a time when you have to put your foot down and say what you need. Obviously, because you do not want to turn around and try to find your sexual comfort in a different person’s arms, communication is really only going to help. You don’t want a partner who is unforgiving of your sexual needs. Sometimes you really need to get it on and there’s no other way to avoid it. No you are not a piece of sexual meat, but it would be damned good if you can have just a taste of that four to five times a week. As a woman it differs with age as a woman’s sex drive goes up as she ages, and for men I am not sure what happens, but I have experienced older and younger and I see no difference between the two.

I don’t, for one second, believe that it has to be classified as a problem because that is just a way of expressing one-self physically and emotionally through a relationship and it brings a lot of excitement to the partnership in my opinion.