Education does not equal smart


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Over the years, and I’m sure people will agree with me, my experience has been that people with doctorates, bachelors, associates and/or any other degree you can name are regular people. Those degrees don’t make them smart. In fact, a person can have all the knowledge in the universe and still be a fool, so it’s not the knowledge that a person has that matters but what that person does with it.

So is it any surprise that we have such an example in the shape of the Liberian born Associate Professor at Delaware State University Dr. Cyril E. Broderick? The good Doctor Broderick holds a PhD in philosophy, a master of science, and a bachelor of science, and I’m sure that I don’t have to repeat myself here but for anyone interested in reading why he is an example, check here.

Said professor claimed that the US Defense Department is responsible for the current Ebola crises that is currently happening in Western Africa. And, while I would have ignored this normally, that will not be happening because this so called “educated person” wrote an article for the Liberian Daily Observer which is making the situation worse by feeding peoples fears.

Broderick’s claims that the US Defense Department is behind the crises are obviously making the situation worse for people who read his article and don’t know the full detail behind these Ebola outbreaks. Don’t think that this is a problem? Think for a moment about this: compare your life to those people in Western Africa. Now think about it.

These people don’t have the same amount of education or production that people here in the U.S. have. They can’t simply walk into a Starbucks, pull out there labtop, iPad, smart phone, or any other electrical device a person may own, connect to the internet and find the information that they need to learn about Ebola.

Some of the worst hit areas in Africa don’t have it easy, and they don’t have any access to things that people here in the U.S. regularly take for granted and as such, the only real knowledge they have is what they have learnt from interactions with members of their own community or these people stopping in their areas.

So articles like the one written by the “good professor,” do nothing more than spread fear and worsen the fear that these people, who are in the middle of the crises, are feeling. Especially with the recent reports of people attacking health officials in the village of Womey, Guinea.

So,once again, having an education doesn’t mean anything unless one uses it correctly, and while we may not be all perfect, we can choose when to be fools and this so called “educated man” clearly hasn’t chosen well and has done nothing more then cause more harm.

Especially since the U.S. has just recently sent troops to West Africa to help deal with the crises, what happens when people attack these soldiers or other aid workers trying to help?