The Trojan (Wo)man: Differences that come with age

When it comes to sex and age differences there is almost always a catch,because some older people that I have dated are not always mature, and not all young people are immature. You would think when it comes to sex that age makes a difference, and in many ways it does. Old or young, sex does not discriminate. Some older people are more inclined to a relationship and so are younger people. It all differs on the person themselves. But I can personally say, the older the better. It’s similar to the aging of wine: it’s better with time for some cases, but not all.

Every person is different, especially when it comes to sex and maturity. It all really depends on what you want. The sloppy drunk one night stand? The romantic who makes you dinner and then bangs you all through the night with a fierce passion? Or the occasional just average bang session because the other person is not tentative to your needs? The baby making passionate love (without actually having a baby) is a category unto itself, keeping in mind it is a two way street. You should be clear of what you want in the bedroom and that comes with maturity and being honest, because if you can not open your mouth to say you are not comfortable with sex then you should not open your mouth to fake the funk either.

Having expectations will lead to disappointment when it comes to sex, regardless of age. Like I mentioned before it is all up to you and what you want. If you want that drunk crazy, sloppy sex,whatever. Communication comes with age, and most mature people will communicate what they want. Communicating would be ideal and it can never hurt to be extremely honest with thoughtful words.One of the obvious benefits of being with an older man is that they’re more experienced, and they know what they’re doing. Just because the quality of the sex is good with an older man, doesn’t mean that the quality of the relationship will be as good.