Do your research, don’t just run with what you heard

Will Nacouzi, TSV Digital Editor

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I’ll admit, I’m guilty of doing this too, from talking to people about topics I don’t know much about to those that I do know about, but don’t fully understand the finer details of the subject.

The only one to blame is me. There is no changing that fact and the only solution is to study or do more research on the subject until a better understanding is gained. This is made easier with the development and growth of the internet, allowing easy access to information from around the world.

Yet even in these times, there are those who still don’t do their research. It annoys me to run into these people because the border between what they know and what they don’t know quickly becomes clear.

This especially kills the mood when you’re talking with people about an interesting topic, only for the discussion to come to a halt because no one knows enough about the subject to accurately state their opinion on it.

This I can understand from my own experience, but this is the limit and any other reasons along these lines are acceptable; however, any other reason beyond this is inadequate and unjustified, even if the individual talking only uses buzz words that people hear in mainstream media everyday.

Sure it will make them appear smarter, but it doesn’t change the fact that they know nothing of the true scope of the subject in question. This is especially shown when these people actually talk with people who have thrown themselves at a topic and immersed themselves thoroughly to the point that they actually understand it. They stand the chance of being revealed and humiliated in front of others for their foolishness.

In short, using buzz words does make one appear smarter, but it doesn’t change anything. Said individual still lacks the knowledge and so they shouldn’t even be talking about it at all.

If people did their research on issues and topics then it wouldn’t be so bad as they would be saving those on the other side of the conversation, arguing with them when they themselves don’t understand the topic at hand. If at least one person knows what’s going on with the topic being discussed then there is hope for the conversation as a whole.

This isn’t always successful and there is always the chance that they will ignore everything said to them for one reason or another but at least you tried. Right?

So do the research before speaking. It’ll save people on both sides a headache.