Dear Gabby: Dazed and Confused

Dear Gabby,

This is the beginning of my sophomore year at Skyline and I’m still undecided with my major, let alone my career. I feel like I’m going in circles researching different majors and possible colleges to transfer to and I just don’t know. Can you help me find my way?


Dazed and Confused


Dear Dazed and Confused,

Do you have any hobbies? What are your interests? What is something you are willing to do for the sole purpose of doing it without any expectation of pay or glorification? Whatever it may be, honor it. Nothing you do will be successful if you do it for money. I guarantee that if you pursue something you’re at least somewhat passionate about, you will be successful and satisfied.

Have you found a counselor that you trust and like? It’s very important to build that bond, because they will notice your flaws as a student and help you correct them. A counselor will be the one recommending the best colleges for you as they watch you grow. If you are lucky and consistent with a counselor, they may write you a letter of recommendation for you at the most pivotal time of your education.

Have you taken a career and personal development class? I’m familiar with many students who were just as confused about their future before taking it. This class gives students a better idea of what career best fits each individual as they go deeper into different career fields and colleges that specialize in those studies.

If none of these suggestions speak to you, I suggest you get some hands-on experience with something. Learning through the books can only take you so far; experience delivers a different form of learning – it is more concrete and responsive. Experience is the best teacher, and it will let you recognize what you like and are capable of doing. Whether it’s cleaning up Golden Gate Park or helping kids learn to read, go for it!

On the topic of where to get experience, I humbly suggest you go travel. Seriously! Go on a road trip for a week or overseas for a month. Look for the opportunity to go somewhere and make meaning of it. Traveling is guaranteed to come to one’s benefit especially when they are lost. Find yourself and find your passion, I wish you all my luck.