Audio Abuse

Just because you know how to play a musical instrument does not mean you should play it in a public place. Especially when other people do not want to hear your “skills.”

Music is an amazing thing; everyone loves it. While there are numerous genres and sub-cultures in this day and age, for the most part, all music is the same. Some music has vocals, while other musicians focus on instrumentals to get their message across. As an art form, music is an all-encompassing language of our existence. However, the sad truth of it is that music can be abused.

Everyone has had those moments when they’re sitting at home and someone drives by blasting some track or another that you aren’t too fond of. It happens. Comes with the territory. Sitting at a stop light, a car may pull up next to you with the windows down, bumping an artist that you hate. Again, comes with the territory. But subjecting people to your own musical “skills” in a public place does not come with the territory. Not at all.

The dining hall on campus is a hub of student activity. At any given moment there are numerous students milling about between classes. Some are socializing with other students, others may be rapidly doing their homework in an attempt to not receive a zero on an assignment, a handful might be sleeping since studying for finals is keeping them up late at night. The dining hall is a constant hum of activity with each new sound representing a harmonious ecosystem of student life.

Then comes the mad skills.

Someone decides to pull out their ukulele, or their guitar, or their electronic keyboard and begin serenading the local class body with their musical talents. Or, maybe they’ll walk over to the piano in the hall and try to recreate Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy.” Do any of these people realize that others are being forced to listen to their attempts at creating music? Do any of these students care that people might be attempting to live their respected lives without the addition of this raucous interruption? All signs lead towards no.

The sad truth of it is this: no one cares to listen to your attempts of music. No one here at Skyline wants to hear you slaughter someone else’s work in your vain quest toward artistic enlightenment. Enough is enough. Stop it. Knock it off. Get over it. Do yourself a favor, and accept the truth. No one wants to hear you play.