Dear Gabby

Welcome readers to The Skyline View’s newest column, “Dear Gabby.”

I currently attend Skyline and I have been here for the past 2 years. I study Early Childhood Education and, for my own benefit, I specialize in behaviorism. I am an eager student and I am always willing to help my peers pursue their educational goals. If we are friends or just classmates, I realize that support really matters.

I have a natural attraction to people’s energy and I am always concerned with peoples’ concerns, whether they are homeless, have problems in a relationship, are addicted to drugs, are confused with life, or simply need some clarification about something; I have always been there to provide the best advice. I try to go beyond giving my opinionated stance – if necessary, I reach out to specialists and trained professionals to help solve problems. I strive to find the best approach that will lead to positive circumstances.

Don’t hesitate to ask random, inappropriate, embarrassing, or simple questions because if anything, that’s what I want from you!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you readers and wish you all luck as we enter the last half of the Fall semester.