The Opening of the New Environmental Science Building

The Environmental Science building at Skyline College finally opened on Sept. 24 after years of planning and construction work.

After planning and construction work that lasted for two years, the new Environmental Science Building, building 12, finally opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept. 24.

The Environmental Science Building has been in the works for years, dating back as far as early 2013 or 2014.

“This [The Environmental Science Building] has been years in the making, teams from the District Facilities Planning and Maintenance Operation Division and Skyline College have worked closely with DVS Architects to determine what was needed in this new space and how it can best serve students in our community,” said Interim President of Skyline College Jannett Jackson.

“This concept [of the Environmental Science Building] was put together by BCA Architects about five or six years ago,” Vice Chancellor at the Facilities Planning and Maintenance Operation Jose Nunez said, remarking on the planning of the new Environmental Science Building.

“David Canepa was in the know, making a contribution of $50,000 from Measure K to support the groundbreaking innovation into the future,” Jackson said.

In late July of 2017, the Loop Road closed permanently and the Vista Point was removed as well, so it can make way for the new Environmental Science Building—also known as Building 12. Soon after, groundbreaking for the new facility took place on Oct. 4, 2017 and was expected to open last December. However, the opening of Building 12 was pushed back until September of this year.

The new Environmental Science Building hopes to bring awareness to the global threat of climate change. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the theme of the event was zero-waste and it was notably present.

“What you [the audience] see around these students, we did not need to teach them about climate change, about sustainability because that’s what they had grown up with,” Vice President of the Classified Senate, Sherrie Prasad said.

Beyond the ribbon-cutting ceremony, transportation and some of the classes that are currently taught in the older buildings are expected to be moved to the new Environmental Science Building soon. In addition, future events will also take place in the new building as well.

“Environmental Science 100 is going to be moving from Building 7 to the new Environmental Science Building,” Skyline College student Andrew Norris said. Additionally, transportation at the Environmental Science Building will soon take place once students start attending classes at Building 12.

“Soon enough, it will be busing with people on a daily basis, students going to class, campus community members enjoying the view, and people attending events,” Jackson said.