Meet the new VP of Associated Students of Skyline College

The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) has appointed a new Vice President, beginning this Spring semester in wake of a new year.

Brian Guardado, a former Skyline College Organization and Club Council Student of Club Counsels (SOCC) liaison for the committee, would serve the position, replacing Gianni Grelli, who held the title for a semester.

“The position was vacant after the last Vice President resigned,” Guardado said. “If you were interested in the position, you can petition to run and it was opened to other council members as well.”

The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) is the student government organization of Skyline College and it was put up to help ensuring students’ needs and concerns were being heard and noticed. According to Guardado, the most important responsibility is to attend the meetings and listen to what is going on district wide so the information finds it way down back to the students.

“I worked closely with the VP last semester,” said Guardado. “I kind of already knew what the job required and so the transition was fairly easy.”

Guardado said the promotion was not too overwhelming since he has a lighter schedule this semester, something that led to the resignation of the previous Vice President.

“He [Grelli] is taking a lot of classes right now,” said Guardado. “He wouldn’t be able to attend the meetings anymore.” He also mentioned that the VP position has a minimum of one year requirement.

“[ASCC] is open to everyone and it’s a great way to get to know your peers on campus,” said Guardado. “I welcome everyone to get on board.”

As of now, ASSC is advertsing for students to join. Applications are welcome until April 21, 2017 and can be done online or at the Center for Student Life. If the application is accepted, the potential ASSC student will have to go through campaigning, meeting the candidates and an executive debate.

The ASCC hold their meetings every Tuesday at building 6, room 6202 at 4 p.m. Students are welcome to attend if they have issues to address.