New business class focuses on marketing

Business majors and prospective entrepreneurs will have access to a more modern approach to marketing this spring.

Bus 296, New Economy Marketing, made its debut in the spring class schedule.

“I came in and looked at curriculum with a couple groups and realized we need a class to look at marketing in a new way,” Business Professor Celia Canfield said.

The new class will focus on new developments and trends in marketing, including social media, sustainability, customer-related marketing and localized marketing.

“Business or something related to numbers is the only way to make money, degree wise, so any class that simulates the work environment is a good gateway,” Prospective business major Joshua Medina said.

According to Canfield, the class will have no textbook and will replicate an agency environment by having students work in teams to produce solutions for real-life issues that clients face. Canfield will be teaching the class in conjunction with marketing and social media professional Lisa Lilienthal.

“I like to co-teach with another professor or expert with field experience, because I find we often have divergent points of view,” Canfield said.

Canfield stressed the importance of having adjunct business professors who are in touch with the business world.“Business professors try to be as real-world as possible, and as adjunct we have more access to the industry. There’s no tried or true way (of teaching business). We see ourselves more as trying to shake things up.”

In addition to having two teachers, the class will also feature a number of guest speakers throughout the semester, most of whom will be professionals in the field, often with ties to Silicon Valley.

“I think it prepares you more if it’s more specialized and you can see what you’re getting into,” Student Mike Goto said.Canfield encourages any students who see themselves as entrepreneurs or small-business employees in the future to take the class.“It’s absolutely key to understand the dynamics of marketing and be savvy,” Canfield said, adding that social media and marketing skills are a huge asset in business today.