College community voices opinions amid a historic inauguration

College leaders and students express their views regarding th arrival of the Biden administration


Photo via Stratos Brilakis/Shutterstock

While uncertainty looms over the country, once again diversity has united America — this time for the 46th Inauguration.

The SMCCCD community celebrates the historic win of President Joe Biden, and the first woman vice president, Kamala Harris.

Dr. Melissa Moreno, president of Skyline College, called the 46th Inauguration a “historic moment”, especially because the nation has elected its first female vice president.

“The call for unity from President Biden is a call to action for us all,” Moreno said. “At Skyline College, we will continue to set the example by engaging in our equity-based and anti-racist practices, which counter divisiveness, build unity, and help to heal past wounds.”

Kiana Leong, a political science major at Skyline College, believed it was a “sense of relief” that former President Donald Trump’s time in the office was over, but was skeptical about what changes the new administration will be able to make in the near future.

“Both Biden and Kamala have less than ideal track records, and the problems from the Trump administration aren’t going to magically disappear anytime soon,” Leong said. “The issues with the country are systemic and have always existed in America, so I don’t expect them to go away just because there’s a change in party and leadership.”

Another student, psychology major Aidan Christopher Walker, described the inauguration as a “pivotal moment in the history of American democracy”, and said that he was hopeful about the near future.

“The past four years have felt like a fever dream,” Walker said.

Walker said that he was hopeful that the Biden administration would help the American people to reach a time of “healing and comfort”, and that he was particularly expecting progress to be made by Vice President Kamala Harris.

“I am excited for our new Madam Vice President, I think amongst all of the indecisiveness, she will bring a new sense of hope and the bright future our Founding Fathers had wanted; creating a more perfect union,” he said.