Seeing the world though a Queer Eye

In this divisive society, the U.S. seems to be broken into smaller opposing groups: this political group against that one, this religious group going after another. But it all can’t be bad. The show “Queer Eye”, follows five queer men using their unique talents to help people around Georgia.

Each of the leading men has a certain specialty, such as Tanweer France, or otherwise known as Tan, who helps with fashion and how people present themselves through their clothes. Tan helps with fashion, Bobby Berk helps with remodeling and renovations, Karamo Brown works with clients on motivation and social skills, and Jonathan Van Ness helps with grooming. The point is that they’re there to help in non-traditional ways.

When choosing who to help, unlike the original Queer Eye show, they don’t limit themselves to a certain demographic,so it’s not the same story every time they go to help somebody.

Due to the wide range of people they help on the show, there are a wide range of issues that are brought up. You can see the harsh reality of life but also the beauty of having such a supportive group. Some of the members of the Fab Five have lost a lot, but also gained a lot for choosing to be open and loving about their sexuality and choosing to move forward.

Also, the best part about the whole show is that it doesn’t villainize a certain group. Filming in Georgia, which is not the most progressive place when it comes to sexuality, the group is bound to meet some people who don’t agree with them. Instead of having a massive argument, they have a civil conversation about their views.

Now the show isn’t perfect. In season one, some of the men got left in the background. Luckily, they do get their attention and screen time in season two, but this isn’t a massive issue. They still cover all the people on this show and tell their stories quite well. The pacing with the show is about the same as any other reality show. It’s kind of slow, but if you’re into it and used to that stuff, then this show will fit right in.

Overall, the show is amazing for it’s positive outlook on the world. It really shows that everyone has something that needs improvement and that help can come from pretty much anywhere. The main perspective being shared through different people isn’t new, reality TV is built for these multiple view points, but it works so well here because they all are working towards the same goal and let their differences help them achieve that goal.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a break from the constant negativity 2018 gives, and to people who just want to see positivity being spread. In this divisive and negative time, we also need to remember that a positive perspective can also help, and maybe that can come from a Queer Eye.