Money Heist: The unexpected is certain


“Money Heist” is a different yet exciting Spanish Netflix series that will have you rooting for the nine people that break inside The Royal Mint of Spain to print billions of euros.

This series shows a heist that is executed by eight strangers, who use city names as their aliases, and their leader, who they call the professor. Their plan to print billions of euros took decades to create and months to prepare for.

In just a few months, they studied the people who would be in charge of the investigation, the laws they would be breaking, the hostages, and learned how to shoot a machine gun, as well as so much more.

One will be left speechless at the full realization of what the plan consists of, and of what the professor took into account.

It will most likely make you wonder how someone could even think of doing such things, like peeing themselves, getting mud everywhere and drinking alcohol just to not get caught.

However, even the best-laid plans can unravel due to the emotions of the people involved. The professor, played by Álvaro Morte, develops feelings for the detective Raquel Murillo, played by Itziar Ituño, who is desperately after him but without knowing also falls for him. This brings lots of confusion for both.

No intimacy or sexual interaction was allowed until they had completed the plan, which seems almost impossible when living in the 21st century.

Breaking the rule would threaten the execution of the plan and the professor isn’t the only one to break the rule which creates complications inside and outside The Royal Mint of Spain.

The interaction between the professor and the detective is one of several things that complicate the situation. Inside, hostages are being a handful.

The hostages are an important piece to this entire plan and some of them decide to put up a fight. It can be a funny fight to watch when there are about eight people with guns watching them and making sure nothing gets out of control.

Hope is always a good thing to give to those who think they have lost and the professor knows that and uses that in his plan.

In most cases, one would root for the cops or the hostages to break free or win, but this show gives you a glimpse into the past of the nine who are behind it all. It makes you doubt who is really the bad guy.

Everyone is a hero in their own story and seeing the stories and struggles that each robber has gone through makes you hope they make it out and live happily ever after.

This series shows how sometimes becoming a criminal isn’t a dream for many. It’s the oath they had to take to survive in a world that won’t hear your side of the story.

They studied the rules they would be breaking to be prepared and know what their options are with the professor and without him.

In Latin America and among Spanish speakers, this has become the hit series of right now. The first season can be a tiny bit slow at first but is worth it.