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Accessories are every woman’s necessity! I mean, who doesn’t like accessories? They give a final touch and add that bling to our outfits. I have a couple of accessories to show you, my go-tos that I cannot live without!

One accessory that I love and I cannot live without are my rings! I always try to have my nails done, to wear all of my rings. They look so nice on your hands. I buy most of my rings from Forever 21. Two of my rings are from H&M.

My rings were really affordable. When I bought them at Forever 21, I only paid $5 for six rings which was not too bad whereas when I bought my other two rings at H&M they were a little pricier; but they are so cute, making the cost justifiable.

On to the next accessory that I absolutely love: earrings. I have to be wearing earrings or else I feel like my ears are naked. Earrings, in general give your outfits that extra cuteness.

Hoop earrings are so essential. My go-to is my set of hoop earrings from Claire’s and a pair of crown earrings that I was gifted from my aunt as a present from Mexico.

My next go-to accessories are necklaces and chokers. When chokers started being trendy, I absolutely loved them, and I still do. I think they’re very cute and when they’re combined and worn together they give your outfits that “extra fly” look.

I recently bought some chokers and necklaces from an online store called Rockiistore. They have some really cool pieces and are super cute as well as affordable.

Last but not least, the last accessory that I love are my pair of sunglasses. My Ray-Bans that I bought a year ago, I wear everywhere I go. Of course, when the weather is sunny and hot I break them out. Sadly, out of all of my accessories, my sunglasses were the only item that was not affordable.

I am a college student and I do live on a low budget. All of my accessories that I listed are pretty affordable except for my sunglasses. I highly recommend that you check out the stores I listed for affordable accessories or go thrift shopping because cheap accessories can often be found there too.