“End of the F***ing World” is dark humor at its finest

“End of the F***ing World” isn’t your typical T.V. show. Not only does this British dark-comedy have short episodes, but it has a blunt vibe throughout the season. It is about an unexpected duo that decide to leave their hometown for good and are faced with some interesting situations.

The honesty that comes with the show is funny and impressive while many could find it rude to say if it was said really to someone as the characters do in this series. From the first episode, one will laugh with the freedom of language that these teens have.

The two characters, Alyssa and James, go through immense character development. In the first episode, her personality is demonstrated when Alyssa’s friend texts her while face to face, something she finds upsetting. She calls her out on it and smashes her phone.

James on the other hand, isolates himself and doesn’t seem to say much. He tends to agree with almost everything Alyssa tells him but that is because he needs her. According to him, killing her will tell him more about himself since he thinks he is a psychopath.

They embark on a journey and skip town. Though they don’t know each other, James thinks she may be great for the experiment while Alyssa thinks he is something she needs in her life. They give off a Bonnie and Clyde vibe and understand that their actions are wrong. Viewers get attached to these two kids because in reality that is essentially what they are.

Alyssa knows who she is: an outgoing blunt person who doesn’t care about the opinions of others. Alternately, James isn’t so sure about who he really is. Past situations have really traumatized him over the years. It is as if he is numb to the mundane things that surround him.

However they do have one thing in common: they are both children who have been left in the shadows by their parents and are trying to find someone who supports them. In the end, they become each other’s support system.

What sets this show apart from any other is that there is, spoiler alert, no happy ending. It shows the reality of the effects that their actions have, whether they were deliberate or not.

The entire season is up on Netflix and will be a good past time for those who want some excitement and dark humor in their life.