Mathematics is easy!



We find many helpful programs through the Learning Communities like ASTEP, the Honors Transfer Program, First-Year Experience, and Scholar Athletes. A good number of these programs are designed for students to succeed. Many times we struggle because we are not aware of where to go for help. The African-American Success through Excellence and Persistence Program (ASTEP) was originially meant for African-American students, but has evolved into what Professor Patricia Deamer calls “The United Nation”.

Deamer, who has worked in the Mathematics department for the last 36 years, provided us with some information about ASTEP. The program was designed for students to succeed in Elementary Math 110, Intermediate Math 120, and Statistics Math 200, which is the area in which she works. When students initially register, they may have a lower English and Math background. “They usually get here with the ‘I hate math’ attitude, but as they start figure out how simple all the formulas derive and how easy with dedication and practice they can master it, their initial attitude changes. The program has about 125 students that receive academic and student services.

Pauline Wethington is the ASTEP counselor and Phyllis Taylor works for supporting students in the English area. The students have this consistent family team helping them through the two years of college here at Skyline until they transfer to a four year school. “The majority of them are referred by their family members or friends as they graduate from high-school and what we try to do is to give them a sense of they can do it and my role as the mathematic support is to show them how easy and simple this topic is,” Deamer says. Deamer invites the students to find out about all the programs available at Skyline and encourages students to visit her.