ASSC Candidate Bios



Running for Vice President:

Edwina Yuan


1. “I’d like to be vice president because I think this would be a great position for me to get involved in different aspects of the (Associated Students of Skyline College) while meeting people and learning what they value the most at Skyline College. I’m not one to sit around and wait for something to happen. I like to attend events and find out what my school offers for me and other students.”

2. Student-government experience: Was student-body vice president in high school; was president of one extra-curricular activity in high school.

3. “If elected, I’d like to help fund programs at Skyline that are extremely beneficial to the students that may be getting less money in the future due to budget cuts. Aside from this, I want to help students make the changes that they want to see at Skyline.”

4. Time at Skyline: three semesters

Major(s): undecided, possibly legal studies

Transfer: fall 2012

Running for Commissioner of Finances:

Patiane Gladstone


1. “I will do a good job. I find ASSC a worthwhile organization, and I like it.”

2. Student-government experience: Was commissioner of activities at Skyline this semester.

Other: Was team captain of Relay for Life for ASSC, is a member of the Anthropology Club, and has been in restaurant management for the past 30 years.

3. “One thing that I would like to see change is student apathy towards elections, both within Skyline and outside of it; almost nobody votes. It’s just student apathy; it drives me wild: they have so much power and they don’t realize it. For example, if you don’t like what the bums do in congress, vote them out!”

4. Major: Anthropology – Transfer: fall 2012

Running for Commissioner of Activities:

Diana Kozlova

1. “I believe Skyline needs someone who can unite them as students and help make their stay here at Skyline more enjoyable.

“One of my main goals will be to find out what the students want and listen. As a motivated, hardworking and determined individual, if I make a commitment to something, I stick it out until the end. If elected, I would be a valuable asset to the (Associated Students of Skyline College) in working to benefit the students of Skyline.”

2. Student-government experience: Was secretary of the freshman class in high school.

Other: Is vice president of Skyline’s Theatre Club and co-president of Skyline’s Honors Club; teaches gymnastics to a variety of ages; is an editor for the Skyline Talisman this semester and for Orange Zest Book Company.

3. “I want to focus on creating a stronger and better working system between the students, clubs of Skyline and ASSC.

“I would like to create more events that could possibly become traditional to Skyline, such as movie nights or hosting events that bring students together in environments outside of Skyline that would be both affordable and profitable for the students of Skyline.”

4. Time at Skyline: two semesters – Major: English – Transfer: spring 2012

Running for Senator:

Juliana Franco


1. “I want to be a senator because I feel like the students need representation on campus.

College is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience for students, and I believe that as a representative, I can help the issues the students feel are important be addressed.”

2. Student-government experience: Was treasurer throughout elementary and middle school.

Other: Was a cheerleader in high school.

3. “I would like to have more on-campus student activities happening so that our students feel like they are having a positive college experience. Also, parking at Skyline is insane, so we need to address how we can make it easier to find parking.

“Students need to feel positive about their experience at Skyline. If the students feel comfortable on campus and feel that the school will help them reach their educational goals, then they will probably be more successful here.”

4. Time at Skyline: one semester

Major: Political Science

Transfer: spring 2012

Charles Blanco


1. “I want to do my best to accurately represent the Skyline student body. I am motivated, patient and willing to do the footwork that is required for this job.”

2. Student-government experience: none

Other: Is team leader in an automotive group and quality control manager at a fast-food restaurant.

3. “Issues I want to focus on changing are the school fees, bringing awareness to school activities and having better communication between me and the students. For instance, we could set up workshops to explain what the school fees are explaining where the students taxes are going; transparency.”

4. Time at Skyline: four semesters

Major: automotive technology and political science

Transfer: fall 2012

Running for President:

Jason Chow


1. “I continually see problems at Skyline that need to be addressed, and no one is doing much to change it. I also felt that many of the students are underrepresented in Skyline; even popular and common languages such as French, Japanese, Chinese and other interesting ethnic studies are nowhere found in the course list. With all those said, my goal is to serve my fellow classmates by being their voice and make changes to improve the campus.”

2. Student-government experience: none

Other: Was a spiritual leader for the Chinese Christian Union, a summer basketball league since 2008; was president of the table tennis team at George Washington High School; was an intern as a teacher for summer camp in San Francisco.

3. “If elected, changes that I would like to make on campus would be student activities, increasing the number of classes, ventilations in cyber lounge, and poor cell phone reception around campus.

4. Time at Skyline: two semesters

Major(s): accounting

er: spring 2012

Heidi Hansen


1. “I think I’ll be a good leader on student council: I’ve had a lot of experience as a senator this past year, and I’ve gone to a lot of the boards that the current president stands on, and I would like to continue to speak up for the students.”

2. Student-government experience: Was a senator for ASSC this past year; served as an officer for the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Other: Is a member of Honors Club and Phi Theta Kappa.

3. “I think we have a publicity issue on this campus. I think that one way to fix this would be to make a calendar of events at the beginning of the year and work with the Commissioner of Publicity to get that information out early because, for example, with the Spring Fling, I felt like people were hearing about it last minute.

“I’m one of a couple students on a council currently working to expand our rental program. We’re hoping this will help save students money in one area even if we can’t immediately change the tuition hikes.”

4. Time at Skyline: four semesters

Transfer: fall 2012

Major(s): marine science

Running for Commissioner of Publicity:

Terence Chin


1. “I’m here for the students and want to make an attempt to help them.”

2. Student-government experience: none

Other: Was team captain for baseball and basketball teams.

3. “To me, the fliers out now don’t attract people. You see the same fliers around campus all the time. The fliers that we have now, students don’t really stop by. I feel like we can have more bulletin boards around the school and in every hallway.

“Changes I’d like to see are crowded parking, no food variety, and high textbook prices at the bookstore. The best I can do is talk to Commissioner of Finance to see what our budget is and see what we can do to lower textbook prices.”

4. Time at Skyline: three years

Major: Communications

Transfer: fall 2012

Larissa Espada


1. “I’ve been a senator for (the Associated Students of Skyline College) this past year, so I’m involved with (the Associated Students of Skyline College) and know how it works, and I think this would be a good leadership experience for me.”

2. Student-government experience: Was a senator for the Associated Students of Skyline College this past year.

Other: Is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the Latin-American Student Organization and a part of the Puente Program.

3. “I want to get people to know more about what ASSC does and the activities they put on. One way to reach students would be to talk to all the clubs on campus in person, anything to get the word out by using posters, fliers, and posting information on the college website.

“Another issue on campus is that the food is too expensive and needs more variety. I don’t know if I could change that in my position, but I would advocate for it.”

4. Time at Skyline: two semesters

Major: political science

Transfer: spring 2012