YouTube beauty guru on campus: MakeupAndSpaaarkles


Screenshot by Bianca Gonzalez/The SkylineView

Screenshot of MakeupAnSpaaarkles from one of her makeup videos.

Aracellys aka MakeupAndSpaaarkles Vega a student at Skyline, as a hobby makes YouTube videos about beauty, hair and fashion. She began making videos as she herself was a viewer of other women on YouTube who make beauty videos. The inspiration for her videos came from watching other beauty gurus.

Aracellys has been working at a Sephora makeup counter for two years, she learned to do makeup by watching other YouTubers, and if she wanted to buy a beauty product she would go to YouTube to find reviews.

“I mainly film makeup tutorials. They’re brief tutorials on how to do eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, and how to use the products. I also like to film reviews on products I personally think are good and worth the price. I have filmed a couple hair tutorials as well.”

Vega plans to transfer to a four year college and pursue a degree in health science, then apply to a master’s program in nursing. Vega experienced as a YouTuber a lot of positive feedback from her viewers. She is active in the comments and responds to the majority of her viewers. With 15,000 subscribers she has other goals in mind and her YouTube success is a fun hobby to have.

Most YouTubers begin to make money when they start to have a big audience of subscribers, people who like the videos, and also sharing the videos.

Companies send out clothing or hair tools and makeup for free just to be mentioned in beauty videos and Vega has also been sent products for mentions.

Vega shows the way she uses skin care products and makeup in her videos and sees that she has helped out a lot of other girls in the videos she puts out.

Some of the challenges Vega had, had to do with finding good lighting and good angles, she already had experience with the iMovie editing program on her MacBook. Vega would watch tech tutorials to learn how to better her editing skills, and in turn this benefitted her videos.

Vega is very humbled and says that she is rarely ever approached by viewers in public that recognize her videos. She feels as though she is just a regular student and girl who does makeup, but obviously she has many accomplishments and a few words of advice for anyone who is thinking of making videos for YouTube.

“Just go for it. The feedback is positive and kind through YouTube. Start off by filming whatever makes you comfortable, whether it’s makeup tutorials, cooking tutorials, ‘how to draw,’ etc., there’s about everything on YouTube.”