Trojans battle through a difficult game


Photo by Chris Guillen / The Skyline View

The Lady Trojans show frustration as they start the third quarter down 2-0.

Christopher Guillen, TSV Staff Writer

The Lady Trojans volleyball team failed to win a match against the West Valley Vikings on Wednesday Oct. 9, but that didn’t stop them as they continued to give a good fight throughout the three rounds but failed to capitalize on their comeback.

The Lady Trojans started off the game with a good battle, answering back to the points that were scored by the Vikings. Vikings led most of the first match, but the Lady Trojans were quick to react and try to take the lead. As the first match wore on they were neck and neck until the last few points were scored. The Lady Trojans tried to keep their defense working but the force and attack that the Vikings had was unbearable. First round went to the Vikings with a 25 – 20 win over the Lady Trojans.

The Lady Trojans team consisted of six freshman and four sophomores in tonight’s game. You would think that because most of the lineup was inexperienced freshman they would quickly get defeated. Well, we were wrong because we have some tough freshman that enjoy the sport and want to try their best.

During the second match the Lady Trojans fell behind and trailed the Vikings by two to five points during the first half but they picked it up. They played so well that, at one point, they were only one point away from tying the game. The Vikings were a tough team to play because they had a more dynamic attack. The Lady Trojans weren’t far behind on their attack.

They had great force and movement on the court, but they were not able to score as much as they might have wanted. The second round, yet again, went to the Vikings with a 25-21 win over the Lady Trojans. This round was the toughest of the three as the Lady Trojans gave a great fight the whole way through but fell shy of victory.

As the third round started the Vikings were quick to score the first two points and take the lead. The Lady Trojans were rapidly getting anxious to score their first points in the last round. There was a point in the game were the Lady Trojans regained the lead but that didn’t last long. The Vikings came in with a rapid takeover of the game.

After a timeout taken by the Lady Trojans you could tell that the coach was ready to give it to them and make them remember that they were here to win and kick some Viking butt. As they entered the court after the timeout, the Lady Trojans were ready to beat the Vikings.

Unfortunately the Vikings came into the game looking to win all three rounds and to the luck of the Lady Trojans they did that, winning the final round 25-16 over the Lady Trojans. Every sport has its ups and downs and tonight wasn’t the night for the Lady Trojans, but just like Coach Ray says “I am building a team. I want consistent improvement after we are all getting over a lot of injuries on our team. In the future, I see us doing better than today but I am not disappointed with my team.”

The Lady Trojans look to improve on their season on Friday when they take on Cañada College. They are a young a team and will only continue to improve every game. – See more at:

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