Meet the new athletic trainer


Photo by Ray Garcia / The Skyline View

Jose Bonilla bring over 25 years of experience in athletic training to Skyline College.

Christopher Guillen, TSV Staff Writer

Skyline College has a new and exciting head athletic trainer. Jose Bonilla is a 25 year experienced trainer and him himself was once an athlete. Bonilla has stated that he finds satisfaction in helping hurt athletes and making them get better so that they can have a quick recovery and have the chance to get back on the field.

Jose Bonilla says that his passions in life are “you should enjoy life to the fullest and forget about all the small worries and all negative stuff.” He also said: “my job as head athletic trainer lets me enjoy life more because I am able to help students that have been hurt during their sport or are emotionally distraught after their injuries can come to me for help and I will do my best to make them better”.

Bonilla talks about the culture of the college and how diverse and welcoming it was since it’s his first year at Skyline. Bonilla says he has been working in the field for over 25 years now and that he got interested in this type of job because he once had to deal with an athletic trainer and he like what the man did for him and he felt that the was the goal in his life to help people.

Bonilla played a variety of sports in high school and enjoyed it while it lasted. He says that “I now enjoy playing recreational sports and once in a while I like playing catch with my children”. Bonilla hasn’t always wanted to be a head athletic trainer nor have a kinesiology degree. In his early years of high school, he wanted to be a military aviator. He says “that kinesiology can lead to many career opportunities in health care and other branches of body and health education.

Bonilla during the summer of 2013 saw the opportunity to come to Skyline College and went through the process and was selected by the committee. Bonilla hopes to help hundreds of athletes get back into the game and help make them feel confident
about themselves again.

Finally he says “get exposure and find what you are truly interested in doing and not just say what you want to be, make sure you have the passion and drive to do anything you want”. Bonilla is an inspiration to athletes and students alike and I can’t wait to see what he does as head athletic trainer here at Skyline.