Skyline’s wrestling team dominates exquisitely.

Skyline playing against San Jose State.

Skyline playing against San Jose State.

Skyline’s gym was filled with great positive vibes and support from family and friends the night of Friday 28. The first wrestling match of the season was here at home. Skyline dictated the winning trends as they won 8 out of 10 matches against San Jose State, all the while staying focused and humble.

“We are a club team and this was our first match. We are getting organized, but we put in good effort and great enthusiasm out there today,” said Coach Dan Chaid of San Jose State, bringing home two victories.

“The coaches are phenomenal and honest. As a team we’re going to do a lot of damage this year,” said Jesse Martinez, who has been wrestling since the age of 6 and is wrestling for the first year with Skyline.

Because Skyline’s wrestling team is very conscious of what they might be able to improve on, they envision this to be a great season.

“It was a good match. I was in control the whole time. As a team we did very well, but we could also improve on cardio,” said wrestler Brian Newell.

Although each interview was separate, the entire team effort was palpable through the answering of their questions. Everyone knows that team work is essential to an individual’s success. At the match sideline, team members yelled to their colleagues with words of encouragement.

After the match, head coach James Haddon, said “Overall, we did pretty well. We focused a lot on mat wrestling in the beginning of the season so it makes sense that we executed well there. Even some of the guys who aren’t exceptional mat wrestlers were able to get off bottom.”

It becomes very clear that Skyline’s wrestling team is going to have a good season so don’t forget to drop by and support!