Twitter making my world bitter

Twitter: the social media that seems to be dragged down thanks to today’s youth and its trends.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using Twitter on a daily basis, specifically to keep up to date with sports teams, technology, and news.

However, there is nothing I hate more on Twitter than seeing subtweets; specifically from people who claim they are above subtweets. #hypocrite

I get it. There may be beef between two people, and one may want to rant, but is it necessary to bring that drama to a much larger network?

A much larger network filled with people who could seriously care less about your whining? #keeptoyourself

Also, there’s no need to have a long threaded conversation that could easily be taking place through text message. Nobody wants to see that.

Unless you have the cooking skills of Bobby Flay, nobody wants to see what you’re eating, or even the #PSL you’re currently drinking. #basic