Alternatives to lunch in the cafeteria

Picture this: you are getting out of the class, feeling hungry and tired and you walk all the way from building 4 to building 6 just to get to the cafeteria and realize the long line that is almost reaching the door. Will you still wait in line for lunch or opt out for a vending machine?

As the school continues to expand with students enrolling semester after semester, so are the lines at the cafeteria during lunchtime. Many of the students get out from their classes around the same time for lunch and it is inevitable for traffic to happen, whether having to wait to order or even making a payment. On top of that, the food at Skyline College is not exactly the healthiest option students could enjoy.

One way that might help to ease the traffic at the cafeteria is having another vendor. As Natalie Robehmed, economy analyst from Forbes, pointed out, competition is good for business because it shakes off complacency and both vendors would improve on their products to compete for customers, in this case, the food for students. As the student population grows on campus, there is certainly more rooms for other vendor to join in the business. Granted, most students are on a meal budget but it does not mean they have to settle for less simply because there are no other options.

Another solution to this would be having food trucks coming onto our school campus around lunch hours. This would definitely help diverting students’ traffic out from the cafeteria. The food trucks were brought to the school in the past and the response for them were positive overall.

Food trucks are becoming more an more popular as the years go by. We’ve seen hot dog stands and taco trucks, but since then, the food truck industry has just gotten bigger. It is not always necessary to have food trucks for special events. Food trucks on school campuses can be refreshing and have a lot of potential to be successful.

“American food is nice but not everyone is into American food,” said Jose Paolo, a 17-years-old Skyline student when asked about the food from the cafeteria. “Variation would be good for everyone.”