Lazy Lights

Between all the food, the time spent with friends and family, and the spirit that comes with it, the holiday season has to be my favorite time of year. Around the end of last semester, lights, trees, bushes and Menorahs went up, and then back down just as quick. It’s already the first week of classes, and like many students I’m thinking, “But winter break just started!”

In recent years, there have been some pretty cool trends in holiday light setups. From multi-colored lightscapes, and upgrading to LEDs to “dancing” lights and projections.

In late 2015, I noticed something new that seemed to be cool at first, but once I realized what it actually was, I was pretty disappointed. This past holiday season introduced the laziest holiday light decoration trend yet: the laser light.

The laser light projector ranges from $30 to as much as $200, and they are easy to set up: just plug in and place it at least ten feet from your house. Turn on the light and it covers the front of your house in thousands of green and red beams.

As soon as I saw one house decorated this way on my block, I started to notice more and more houses covered in the multi-colored beams. Not only the front of houses, but also plants and trees.

These projectors aren’t only lazy, but they are potentially dangerous for plane and helicopter pilots. Last November, one of these displays almost blinded a coast guard pilot flying over Sacramento. The Federal Aviation Association released a warning saying that green lasers are able to travel further than the red lasers, and that projector buyers should be sure to avoid pointing the lasers towards the sky.

This past holidays’ trendy light decorations were lame, but hopefully this year, we can get back to the real strings of lights lining our gutters and windows. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but let’s steer clear of lazy decorations, and help keep the skies safe for the holiday travelers.