Sports prima donnas

Reynaldo Garcia, TSV Staff Writer

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Have you ever tuned into SportsCenter and watched a report on how a player and a team are far apart in contract talks? Doesn’t it make your eyes roll? If you’re an avid sports fan, then, 10 times out of 10, you’ve constantly seen these type of stories seemingly pop out every week of a player demanding more money. Whether it’s the NFL or NBA, it’s a common theme once each sports league reaches their respective off-seasons.

Take for example, New Orleans Saints free agent tight end Jimmy Graham. Note his position: tight end. He has been tagged with the Saints’ franchise tag as a tight end.The franchise tag is a one-year contract that pays the tagged player an average of the top five salaries in the position. This year, the tag for tight ends, the position Graham has played most, if not all, of his snaps, pays $6.8 million. But he is threatening to file grievance against his team because he wants to be paid as a wide receiver, the more “sexy” position. The franchise tag for wide receivers this year is $11.6 million.

We, as Americans, have grown to covet wealth. Ever since we were little, we dreamed of owning a house with nice cars and fancy stuff. It’s the Land of the Free and the Home of the obsessively excessed. So it’s understandable why Graham wants those extra (almost) $5 million. We want as many dollars and cents as we can get. But when it comes to these sports players, that’s another case.

These guys are being paid millions (millions!) to play a child’s game. And on top of that, players get several endorsement deals from the likes of Nike, Under Armour and even NyQuil. Essentially, those players that want, want, and want more money are star players who are easily known among the public, and thus bankable. So even if they don’t get their elite money, they already rake in millions from the endorsement deals.

The part that really grinds my gears is just how unhappy they are with the several millions they already have. Why do they need more? I’d be happy with just a million! I could pay for school, and if I wanted to start looking forward in life, maybe buy a nice house and potentially set up a nest egg for future generations. But the buck doesn’t end there. Think about the people in the United States alone who are in poverty, working two to three jobs at a time to feed their families.

But no, these guys want to be paid like one of the best players in the world, to get that recognition, and then spend that money on buying several homes, fancy cars, to feed their leech like entourages and, probably, to sleep with multiple women and then pay them off. Who knows what exactly they do with their money, but just a quick glance at their Instagram page shows them showing off their new Rolex watch or something. The price of a Rolex watch could buy a house! Or pay for a year’s supply of groceries!

Babies is what they are. “Wahh, wahh, I want more money. Wahh, wahh I want to be the highest paid quarterback.” While I admit I get caught up with the sports news regarding players signings, there’s nothing more annoying than when the headline reads something in the ilk of “(insert name) will holdout; Wants to be paid among the elite.