The Trojan (Wo)man

Bianca Gonzalez, TSV Staff Writer

This week we are giving you a trojan woman because we decided that our readers have gotten enough of a man’s opinion on sex, so now we present to you the womans touch, and perspective and hopefully all can relate and we will get it on.

valentines day
dinner or dick
romance or sex or both

What do you prefer on Valentines day? Whether you are single or not, treat yourself, be treated, or beat it. For single people you don’t have to be all about the romance, you can always gather up your single friends and enjoy the night together. As corny as it may sound single people will probably have more fun on Valentine’s day. Here are some reasons why: we don’t have to buy chocolates, teddy bears, and roses and worry about getting a romantic date, and for women we don’t have to buy lingerie, groom our private parts, and wear expensive perfume, get our makeup done, or get our hair done.

On the other hand the people who do have relationships and plan on being with their significant other can remember keeping it simple is best, especially if this is your first Valentine’s day together.

For the single people I suggest empowering yourself and taking a trip below. If you haven’t already gotten familiar with your own body and what pleases you, maybe you should. Especially because it is Valentines day and you may feel pressure from being alone. Be the master of your masturbation. Why not? It’s good to know what makes you feel alive, and there is a place for all of that. Head down to your nearest sex shop, and ask the people who work there for advice they even hold classes to help you with that.

If you prefer the physical aspect of another warm body, beating heart, and real life moans, well go for it. By all means we are all humans and all have desires that need fulfilling. The fact that Valentine’s day is coming up can bring up those lonely feelings but worry not lonely lovers all will be well. Roses are red, violets are blue, take care of your parts so they don’t turn blue.

Happy Valentines to you!